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CCTV Off-Site Monitoring Solutions in Port Elizabeth

Algoa Security offers CCTV Off-Site Monitoring services, which is a natural add-on to alarm monitoring. CCTV off-site monitoring offers numerous advantages as it reduces labour costs and the quantity of security guards on sites. Our offsite monitoring service has a 24-hour control centre where we monitor your CCTV through our systems and can identify why the alarm has gone off before waiting for the armed reaction units to arrive. We can also view your cameras from our control room and replay any criminal activity onto our tactical response team, thus making it safer for you, your family and business, as response time is dramatically decreased.

Off-site monitoring packages offered by Algoa Security include:

  • Off-site monitoring system designed to suit your needs and requirements.
  • 24-hours secured off-site monitoring. 
  • Highly trained and skilled staff.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Installation. 
  • Top quality technology.

Advantages of an off-site monitoring system:

  • More cost effective than On-Site Security.
  • Early detection and response time.
  • Your premises are protected 24 hours a day.
  • The operators can inform your response company or SAPS about the intrusion when it occurs.
  • Use of modern technology ensures fast and reliable connection to the site.
  • Improves the security systems greatly.
  • Saves you money as you only pay for the operator’s time and not for on-site security, like a security guard.
  • More reliable, as there are no more false alarms.
  • Easier to claim from insurance as you have CCTV footage to back up claims.
  • Peace of mind for families and business owners as they know they are secure and safe 24 hours a day.



Top Quality Technology

Top Quality Technology