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Professional Security Guarding Solutions in Port Elizabeth

Algoa Security’s guarding service provide you with the best trained physical security guards, who are highly motivated, reliable and professional. All of our security guards are PSIRA registered.

When making the choice to outsource our security guards you benefit phenomenally, as it will allow you to focus on your business practices instead of worrying about managing internal security guards.

Our guards are well equipped and trained to deal with various security situations and have the backing of our tactical team. They are also well managed and supervised by having regular inspections to ensure they are always fit and ready for the job. Guards are also in constant radio contact with our control room should any incidents occur, where our tactical team will respond immediately.

Advantages of making use of our guarding services:

  • Your business will save money as outsourcing security guards is seen to be more cost effective.
  • Algoa Security has the latest security technology, for example, patrol cars, communication systems, etc.)
  • Our security guards are well trained and experts in their line of work.
  • By outsourcing our security guards, you won’t need to worry about security guard turnover and guard sick days when you go with our reliable security guard service.

Our security guard services will ensure that problematic situations are resolved and diffused to ensure that anyone occupying the guarded space is kept safe. If you are looking for top quality service from expertly trained security guards who are professional and can handle any situation, then contact Algoa Security today. We will keep you and your valuables safe and protected from harm, 24 hours a day. Contact Us. 

Best Trained Security Guards

Best Trained Security Guards