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Tactical Response Services in Port Elizabeth

Algoa Security’s Tactical Response units ensure that when we respond to an alarm, panic alarm or phone call for assistance that our tactical team are fully capable and trained to assist in your emergency. All our guards have been professionally trained and offer 24-hour tactical response backup services and a large portion of our tactical team have experience in SAPS.

Located in the Port Elizabeth area, particularly focusing on Humewood Precinct and Walmer area, our Tactical Response teams are the forefront of our organisation. Our professional team show rapid deployment and ensure that response times are always kept low.

Algoa Security is made up of a team of trustworthy, passionate and experienced individuals. All of which have been trained by accredited PSIRA institute.

Tactical Response Service Includes:

  • 24-hour protection and support.
  • Only the highest standards are considered for our carefully selected and trained tactical team.
  • Officers are medically trained to ensure they are well equipped and trained to respond to emergencies.
  • Tactical teams are trained to respond to an alarm, panic alarm or phone call with rapid deployment.
  • Our tactical team undergoes not only physical training but also training in criminal law, tactical training and first aid training.

Algoa Security will ensure that your loved ones are safe and well protected from criminals with our well-equipped and trained tactical teams who will respond immediately to all emergencies. Our main aim is to ensure our community is safe and well protected. Contact us today to ensure your family does not fall victim to the increased criminal activity we face in South Africa! Contact Us. 

Highly Trained Tactical Team

Highly Trained Tactical Team