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Vehicle Tracking Services in Port Elizabeth

Algoa Security offers a Vehicle Tracking service which makes use of GPS technology to reduce the risk of your vehicle not being recovered when stolen. An added benefit besides being able to allocate your vehicle is that by adding vehicle tracking to your vehicle it will also help lower your car insurance premium. Not only will your insurance premium be lower but it will also give you that added benefit that your family is safe and secure as they will be able to be tracked in the unfortunate event of a highjacking.

Companies that have large numbers of contractors out on the road can also benefit significantly from implementing tracking solutions. Vehicle tracking is seen to not only help companies reduce their risk of not recovering their vehicle after the theft, but also assists them to help increase their efficiency as they can use the technology to keep track of particularly valuable assets and also help reduce running costs by targeting those who speed and waste fuel. By companies making use of vehicle tracking in their corporate fleets, they will not only reduce fuel and maintenance bills but also reduce insurance premiums.

Car theft is seen to be on the rise in South Africa with fin24 stating that one car is stolen every 9 minutes. Making South Africa one of the highest countries in the world who fall victim to this crime. It is therefore essentially even more important for individuals to make use of Algoa Security's vehicle tracking service. Contact us today for the best vehicle tracking solution. Contact Us.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking